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Cyber Security Assessment Engineer






Primary duties include, but are not limited to: ·         Scanning external applications for vulnerabilities. ·         Working with multiple IT resources to educate and guide vulnerability remediation. ·         Developing new processes, workflows, and integration into ITIL. ·         Analyzing vulnerability data to identify trends and solutions required. ·         Working independently and managing time without direct supervision. ·         Documentation creation, revision, updating. ·         Working with application teams to drive remediation on applications including. o    Explaining the process. o    Rescanning after fixes are in place.   Preferred Experience: ·       Degree in a relevant field and 3+ years experience in the following; ·        Knowledge and understanding of industry-accepted penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. ·       General knowledge of operating systems, web server software, and basic network security principles. ·        Familiarity with tools such as Qualys, Nessus, and open-source assessment tools required. ·       Solid understanding of x509 certificate relationships and TLS encryption. ·       Experience working with Kali Linux. ·       Experience with scripting and automation. ·       Software development experience. ·       Scrum/Agile experience. Strong presentation skills.

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